A trip to Australia can’t be 100{c7d2e2182cb7d520ec2643b550b231a7eeb2819ba80416fcf0c175c8c802bbe3} completed until you hold in your harms a beautiful and sweet koala! It was in my bucking list since I was a child and when I went to get off my flight to Australia, it was almost my first priority.  Most states in Oz allow you to see Koalas and get close to them but, if touching and hugging these nice creatures is what you are looking for, do some research before just to be sure you don’t miss the opportunity.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, Queensland, is the oldest and most renowned Koala Sanctuary in the world. It’s not just a place to cuddle a Koala, you will be able to hand feed kangaroos and see many other Aussie animals. It was a highlight of our trip for sure!

How to reach the Sanctuary:

  • By Bus: Bus 445leaves from stop 40 Adelaide Street and Bus 430 leaves from Platform B4, Queen Street bus station
  • By Ferry: Miramar Boats to Koala Sanctuary
  • By Car: a journey of approximately 20 minutes from the City

Do you know what a koala does all day long? just eat and sleep. They have a very slow metabolism because they are herbivores and eat eucalyptus exclusively. This plant is a poor nutrient (high fibre, low protein). The inactivity periods are believed to enable koalas to maintain relatively low energy requirements.

Holding a Koala, it was a great experience. You just wait for your turn until the ranger bring and place this cute animal in your harms. I have to admit it… the Koala is heavy, at least “our koala”. They take a picture of you with their camera and then with your personal camera. it’s great, because in this way you will have both options, what you are paying for is the possibility to hold a koala.

Feeding kangaroos, lying with them and touching them is something you don’t want to miss after they take the koala back! There a lot of these animals. just hang with the one you like most. They are so… sweet!

Hugging a koala? CHECK! Feeding a kangaroo? CHECK!

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