Looking Forward to Making Memories

Our pastor and his wife have traveled all over the world on different evangelism trips. They rarely stayed in anything fancier than a hut on these trips, so I was really happy when they were able to go to Greece on their 20th anniversary and stay in a luxury villa. They had such a great time there that they started organizing a fellowship there in one of the villas for anyone who wanted to go. They showed those of us interested the Mykonos villas by mykonosestates.com, and I could not sign up fast enough.

Money was not an issue because they were given a large donation to cover the majority of the costs, so it just mattered on who wanted to go there for a week. I was not sure how many would go, so I was really happy when the total reached 28 people. That was a lot more than I had expected. I figured we would have to get several villas for that number, but I underestimated Mykonos! There is actually a villa there that has 14 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. There were 12 couples and four single individuals going, and they were able to pair up to share the other two rooms.

The layout of the villa was really nice. The rooms are situated between two different villas that are on the same property. There is a huge outdoor common area between the two, including a large swimming pool that i knew we would all use. The beach is right below the villa, and there are so many touristy things to do that are just a short drive away. There are shuttles we can use, and there are also personal trainers and masseuses that we can have too. This is definitely a trip filled with luxury, and we are all looking forward to it!

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