NYC Parks And Outdoor Spaces For Picnics, Sunbathing And Much more

Set in a creepy amusement park hiding a dark and sinister secret, The Park is a 1st-person psychological horror practical experience focused on exploration and storytelling. On December 14, 1916 the Glenwood Park recreation center and shelterhouse was officially opened and dedicated to the public. The park is named just after the Italian city of Genoa – a single of Columbus’ ten international sister cities and the birthplace of city’s namesake Christopher Columbus. Glenview is a (3.71 acre) park that allows access to the Sullivant Trace boardwalk.

Nation music singer and acclaimed visual artist Terry Allen came up with the idea soon after visiting the city and studying that the Scioto River requires its name from the Shawnee Indian word for hairy water.” According to nearby legend, when the Shawnee very first migrated to Scioto River valley from the Carolinas, they located deer hair floating in the river.

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